I'm a freshwater ecologist at CNRS (Research Associate) in the department 'EDB - Evolution et Diversite Biologique' in Toulouse (France).



October 2016

New article about the ecological impacts of

non-native salmonids just published as part of

the SALMOINVADE project

                                    Link to the article

June 2016

Maxence Villegas joint the lab as a Master

student to work on the SalmoInvade project

April 2016

New article on the impacts of invasive crayfish

on ecosystem phenology!       PDF

January 2016

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December 2015

In collaboration with Ecocean, our guide on the earlier stages of freshwater fish has been published with great pictures!   Please contact us for a pdf.

November 2015

Mathieu and Julien have been visiting their collaborators

(Julian Olden and Lise Comte) at SAFS, University of


November 2015

New article about taxonomic, functional and trophic diversity published in Global Ecology and Biogeography                                                                                                    PDF

October 2015

New article about new stable isotope metrics published in Ecological Indicators


August 2015

Libor Zavorka just joined the group as a visiting PhD student for a 3 month-period to investigate trophic interactions among native and non-native Salmonids


May 2015

New articles by Zhao and Charlotte about fish in the gravel pits as part of the project ISOLAC.


April 2015

Carine Rigolet just joined the group as a post-doc and will work on the stable isotope structure of food webs in gravel pit lakes.                                                                        PEOPLE

February 2015

New article by Alban on the effect of non-native fish introductions on the global patterns of stable isotope structure of fish community!                                                           PDF

January 2015

The Biodiversa project SALMOINVADE and its website                                      WEBSITE


December 2014

New article by Zhao Tian on the functional importance of intrapsecific trait variability


September 2014

Charlotte Evangelista article just published in Journal of Animal Ecology: Brown trout trophic specialization in headwater streams 


August 2014

Just back from field work in lakes nearby Seattle (Washington) with Julian Olden. This was great! Let’s collect the same data in France (CNRS - PICS project).

June 2014

Julian Olden (University of Washington, Seattle) was in Toulouse for collaborative field work in June 2014.  We also spent some time visiting the Lot valley with Gael Grenouillet, Lise Comte and Mathieu Buoro